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Like my brother Stefan, I have degrees in Electrical Engineering and Physics. In addition to math, physics and electronics, I enjoy writing and publishing math related books with Stefan (abrazol.com).

Recent Publications:

You can follow our work at our blog Abrazolica, and at Exstrom.com.

I have taken part in research with my brother Stefan on lattice Green functions, electromagnetic modeling, development of software for electronic band structure calculations, NMR signal processing, data analysis, magnetic field measurement circuits, data acquisition circuits, and RF circuits for an NMR spectrometer. We are authors of the book Signals from the Subatomic World: How to Build a Proton Precession Magnetometer.

Here are my thoughts on some of the books I've read.


Other interests/hobbies:

Thanks to my brother Stefan's influence, I went from a fried chicken and whopper luvin bubba to eating only plants. I stopped just in time to prevent serious heart disease and having to take cholesterol lowering medication.

We cultivate and eat dandelions, and line dry our clothes. My favorite philosophers are Alan Watts, Albert Einstein and Krazy Kat.


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J. Richard Hollos
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