9 Watt Germicidal Lamp Kit

This is a 9 watt UV-C germicidal lamp kit. The bulb in this kit has a spectral output peak at 254 nm which is highly effective for germicidal applications. The bulb does not produce ozone. We test and measure the UV-C output of each bulb before shipping.

Included in the kit are the following

The plot below shows the output spectrum of the bulb. 90% of the radiant power is at the germicidal wavelength of 254 nm.

Assembly and use of this kit requires knowledge and experience in 120 VAC power wiring. Incorrect wiring can cause fire, injury or death. Wiring diagram is included with kit.

Replacement bulbs are available.

WARNING: The UV-C radiation put out by this bulb can cause skin and eye damage. Exposure should be limited as much as possible. Never look directly at the bulb when it is on. When sterilizing a room, people and pets must not be present.

Possible applications:

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