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Ideas So Dumb, Only an Economist Could Believe Them

Monkey with TNT
  • None of the economic fundamentals matter, as long as the stock market is going up.
  • The FED can buy a trillion dollars without printing money or increasing the money supply.
  • You can solve the problem of too much debt by creating even more.
  • Any economic problem can be solved by creating more money.
  • The world will come to an end unless bankers get billions in bonuses.
  • Ignore any economic data that disagrees with the way you think the economy is going.
  • Ignore any data that disagrees with your theory.
  • Spending as much money as possible is the key to prosperity.
  • If the bankers get in trouble, just destroy the middle class to save them.
  • The party doesn't end just because you've taken interest rates to zero.
  • Always believe what a CEO says. They never lie.
  • The financial industry requires little or no regulation.
  • What's good for the country is lower interest rates.
  • Read the newspaper every day, and act according to sentiment.
  • When all the experts agree, bet on it.

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