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Einstein Recommended Books

On account of today being Albert Einstein's birthday, here is a list of books he recommended.

The recommendations can be found in Einstein's Ideas and Opinions which is a collection of his most important non-technical writings in one volume. This book was put together in 1954, one year before Einstein's death. Here are 6 of the recommendations. Included with each recommendation in the list below is the page number where the reference is found (Crown Publisher's 1982 edition):

  1. An Inquiry Into Meaning and Truth by Bertrand Russell. p.20
  2. Patterns of Culture by Ruth Benedict. p.52
  3. The Outline of History by H. G. Wells. p.58
  4. Lehrbuch der Physik by Arnold Berliner. p.70
  5. Logic and Scientific Method by Morris Raphael Cohen and Ernest Nagel. p.80
  6. The Anatomy of Peace by Emery Reves. p.122

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