Bear Peak, South Boulder Peak, Green Mountain, loop from Chautauqua, 11/17/2007

We started hiking at 9:34 from the Chautauqua parking area. Going south on the Bluebell Road Trail, then the Mesa Trail, we hiked past NCAR, then turned right onto the Fern Canyon Trail. We took the Fern Canyon Trail to the summit of Bear Peak, getting there at 11:30, where the odometer showed 4.33 miles.

From the summit of Bear Peak, we took the Bear Peak Trail south, getting to the summit of South Boulder Peak at 12:01. We then retraced our footsteps back to Bear Peak, where we got on the Bear Peak West Ridge Trail, taking it 1.8 miles to the Green Bear saddle.

From the Green Bear saddle, we got on the Green Bear Trail, heading 0.8 miles up Green Mountain to the Greenman Trail. We turned right onto the Greenman Trail, heading 0.2 miles to the summit of Green Mountain, getting there at 14:15.

Bear Peak and S. Boulder Peak from Green Mtn. summit, 11/17/07

Bear Peak and S. Boulder Peak from Green Mtn. summit, 11/17/07

Descending Green Mountain on the Greenman Trail, we took it down to the Saddle Rock Trail, then turned right onto the Amphitheater Trail, taking it to the Baseline Trail, then took the Baseline Trail back to Chautauqua. We returned to our parking place at 15:50, where the odometer showed 11.4 miles.

This trip took 6 hours and 16 minutes. The total elevation gain for this hike is 4342 feet, broken down as follows:

Elevation Gain
SegmentGain [ft]
Chautauqua to Bear Peak2884
Saddle to S. Boulder Pk.331
Saddle back to Bear Pk.221
Saddle to Green Mtn.906

GPS data
Place nameElev [ft]Accuracy [ft]Lat/Lon
Chautauqua parking area56841839.99950/105.28259
Bear Peak summit84581639.96024/105.29517
South Boulder Peak summit85681739.95354/105.29945
Bear Peak/South Boulder Peak saddle82372639.95660/105.29735
Bear Peak/Green Mountain saddle72411739.97423/105.30785
Green Mountain summit81472039.98216/105.30154