Green Mountain, Bear Peak, South Boulder Peak, loop from NCAR, 05/26/2007

We started hiking from the parking lot of NCAR at 10:10, heading to the Mesa Trail, then taking the Mesa Trail north to Chautauqua, and then to the top of the first Flatiron, reaching it at 11:19.

From the top of the first Flatiron we headed west to the Saddle Rock Trail, then took that to the summit of Green Mountain, getting there at 12:13. We descended the back side of Green Mtn, then took the Green Bear Trail to the Bear Peak West Ridge Trail, reaching that intersection at 12:44, then continued to the summit of Bear Peak, reaching it at 13:46.

From the summit of Bear Peak, we headed south on the Bear Peak Trail to South Boulder Peak, reaching its summit at 14:20. From South Boulder Peak, we returned to Bear Peak, then took the Fern Canyon Trail down to the Mesa Trail, then north to our parking place at NCAR, reaching it at 16:48.

GPS data
Place nameElev [ft]Accuracy [ft]Lat/Lon
NCAR Parking area60961539.97956/105.27411
First Flatiron70672239.98973/105.29395
Green Mountain summit81492839.98220/105.30159
Bear-Green saddle73144139.97397/105.30778
Bear Peak summit84551639.96025/105.29520
South Boulder-Bear saddle81871639.95668/105.29719
South Boulder Peak85651639.95354/105.29944

Topomap of the Green Mtn/Bear Peak/South Boulder Peak Area