Green Mountain and Flagstaff Mountain Loop, 03/01/2008

Lady bug on Green Mountain summit, 03/01/08

Lady bug on Green Mountain summit, 03/01/08

Green Mountain from Flagstaff Mtn Trail, 03/01/08

Green Mountain from Flagstaff Mtn Trail, 03/01/08

Parking near the Flagstaff Mountain Trailhead, just down the road from the Gregory Canyon Trailhead, we started hiking at 10:44, taking the Saddle Rock Trail just past the Gregory Canyon Trailhead.

We stopped at Saddle Rock for the views, then continued up to the summit of Green Mountain, reaching the top at 12:11. The day was extremely warm and sunny, and on the summit there were lots of ladybugs flying around.

The summit of Green Mountain seems to be a harsh environment for convergent ladybugs , but apparently they hibernate under rocks near the summit, then disperse this time of year, only to have their children return in May to hibernate once again for nine months from May to February.

After enjoying the views, and the ladybugs, on the summit of Green Mountain, we headed down the West Ridge Trail to its intersection with Flagstaff Road, getting there at 12:57, then hiked down the road to the Long Canyon Trailhead. Taking the Long Canyon Trail to the Ute Trail, we then ascended to the summit of Flagstaff Mountain.

Although Flagstaff Mountain has lots of roads and trails near its top, the summit itself doesn't have a road or trail going to it, and so it was a great place to stop and have lunch in solitude. Even on the summit at 7000 feet, it felt like 70 degrees (Fahrenheit), and it was hard to believe the forecast for 3 inches of snow the next day.

To return, from the summit of Flagstaff Mountain, we took the Ute Trail down to the Flagstaff Mountain Trail, then followed that down the mountain to the parking area, returning at 15:17.

The total trip time was 4 hrs, 33 minutes, and the total elevation gain was (8156-5781) + (7030-6753) = 2652 feet.

Green Mountain / Flagstaff Mountain Trail system

GPS data
Place nameElev [ft]Accuracy [ft]Lat/Lon
Parking place near Flagstaff Mtn Trailhead57811839.99874/105.29136
Green Mountain summit81561539.98215/105.30154
Low point before ascending Flagstaff Mtn67531739.99614/105.30837
Flagstaff Mtn summit70301340.00147/105.30729