Greyrock Mountain (7613 ft), 11/10/2002

Today there was a winter storm forecast for the high country so we decided to stay low and climb Greyrock Mountain just west of Fort Collins, up Poudre Canyon. We started from the trailhead (5580 ft) at 11:38. Surprisingly the parking area was not full in spite this being fairly close to Fort Collins. The temperature felt like about 40 F and there was no snow on the ground, even though at higher elevations a few miles west it was supposed to be snowing the entire weekend. At the three way intersection we took the right fork onto the Summit Trail. The last part of the trail up to the summit is not very clear, but having been up there before, we knew the way. We reached the summit at about 13:10. There was nobody on the summit, and it was very windy, but because of the forecast we had been expecting the high winds. Just below the summit, we put a jacket over our sweatshirt, replaced our Rockies baseball hat with a wool cap, and put on some gloves. On the summit we took a few pictures with the digicam, then enjoyed a few minutes of getting buffeted by the wind. Having had enough wind, we descended down about 50 feet sheltered somewhat by the wind and had some nuts and water. We then began descending the way we had come. Returned to the truck at about 15:45. At this time the parking lot was completely full and there were even cars parked on the side of the highway.