Lookout Mountain (10715') and Horsetooth Peak (10344') loop from Meeker Park, 06/02/2007

We started hiking from the Lookout Mtn Trailhead at 10:29, and reached the Lookout Mtn - Mt Meeker saddle at 11:50. There was a little of trudging through snow and the trail was in places hard to follow because of the snow, on the way up to the saddle.

The saddle was free of snow, but as we ascended from the saddle up toward Lookout Mtn, the snow built up fast, so went over to the west side of the ridge where the snow was mostly gone, and ascended to the summit of Lookout Mtn, getting there at 12:05. It was a warm day and the summit was quite pleasant, with the sun shining.

From the summit of Lookout, we headed northeast along the eastern side of the Lookout-Horsetooth ridge. Hiking past the Horsetooth Peak summit, we stopped for lunch at a really nice open plateau area, northeast of the summit. From there we had a great view of the granite mass that makes up the Horsetooth summit.

We then headed northeast, eventually intersecting our incoming track, and returned to the parking place at 15:40. It began raining a few minutes after we got back to the car.

GPS data
Place nameElev [ft]Accuracy [ft]Lat/Lon
Lookout Mtn Trailhead (Meeker Park)87212940.23701/105.54063
Lookout-Meeker saddle104363440.22886/105.56738
Lookout Mtn summit107402440.22696/105.56470
Nice plateau on Horsetooth Pk ridge98861640.23309/105.55637

Topomap of the Lookout Mtn/Horsetooth Peak Area