Lookout Mountain (10,715 ft), 06/01/2003

Started at about 9:30. We hiked up the Sandbeach Lake Trail to Camper's Creek, then left the trail hiking along the right bank of the creek. Soon after we started our hike, it began sprinkling, which then turned into a steady rain. After a few tenths of a mile hiking along the creek, we turned right, ascending a steep wooded slope. We eventually made it to the top of a ridge, and continuing in the same direction, we finally reached the summit of Lookout Mountain at 11:48. Thankfully, just before we reached the summit, the rain stopped. The summit is a very distinctive stack of large block-like rocks. We took some pictures and enjoyed the view. The most prominent view from here is the massive southeast ridge of Mount Meeker. Estes Cone, Twin Sisters, and Horsetooth Peak, are other prominent figures from here. From here we decided to investigate going to Horetooth Peak, and from there we would hike down to the trail connecting Meeker Park to the Sandbeach Lake Trail. We headed in that direction, but eventually decided to return the way we had come, since the skies were looking like it may begin raining again, and the terrain to Horsetooth Peak made it very slow going. Ascending back up to Lookout Mountain, we then followed the southwest ridge all the way down to the Sanbeach Lake Trail, stopping on a nice rock outcropping along the way for lunch. We reached the trail at a point where Campers Creek runs very close to it. Before returning along the trail, we stopped on a nice rock bench overlooking the creek, and discussed physics. Returned to truck at about 16:00.

Topomap of Lookout Mountain Area