Mummy Mountain (13,425 ft), 06/22/2003

Started hiking from the Lawn Lake Trailhead at 7:44. We reached the intersection of the Lawn Lake Trail and the Black Canyon Trail at 9:39. Turned right onto the Black Canyon Trail and hiked a few tenths of a mile. We then left the trail behind as we ascended the steep ridge of Mummy Mtn while hiking along the treeline. Reaching the ridgetop we followed the direction of the southeast ridge up, staying well clear of the precipitous drop on Mummy's southwest side. Except for one large patch that we crossed, the way up was mostly free of snow. We reached the summit of Mummy Mountain at 11:39. It was a very nice day, the views were spectacular, and fortunately the usual thundercloud formation at noon was delayed today. We took some pictures, signed the summit register, enjoyed the views, and had some water. Beginning the return trip, we again followed Mummy's southeast ridge down, but this time continued much farther along the top of the ridge. We briefly stopped on a knob of Mummy's ridge which had boulders with odd shapes on their tops that appeared to be the result of wind and/or rain erosion. From this point, we headed down the ridge following a drainage which becomes a creek farther down the mountain. Near treeline there was a plateau that some interesting boulders on it. One boulder looked like the head of ET (The Extraterrestrial), and another three boulders formed an arch. We stopped for lunch near here. Continuing down, we followed the creek until we met the Black Canyon Trail, then turned right and soon met the Lawn Lake Trail. We returned to the truck at 16:34, for a total roundtrip time of 8 hours, and 50 minutes.

Topomap of Mummy Mountain Area