Point 10432 and House Rock, 05/19/2007

From Allenspark, we headed to Meeker Park, then turned right onto Cabin Creek Road. We soon turned right onto Boulder Cnty 82E, at the 82/82E junction, then left onto Pierson Park Rd, at the Johnny Park/Pierson Park junction.

Parking off Pierson Park Rd in front of the "road closed" sign, we started hiking up Pierson Park Rd at 10:11. Where the road took a sharp right, at about 8700 ft, we left the road, heading north to gain the ridge of Point 10433.

We reached Point 10433 at 11:38, and continued north to Point 10432. The saddle between these two points has a great view to the west of the East Face of Longs Peak, and the plateau around the area of this saddle has a sparse forest of old limber pines. We reached Point 10432 at 12:10, and made a small cairn there. At this point we wanted to continue north to the south knob of the Twin Sisters, but decided against it because of a developing thunderstorm. Instead we decided to head east, off the ridge to House Rock.

By about 13:00 we reached the saddle between Point 10432 and House Rock, at the location of a gate where we once again met with Pierson Park Road. While there, the thunderstorm let loose an intense barrage of popcorn snow, rain, and sleet, and we waited out the storm under a tree on this forested saddle.

After the storm, we ascended to House Rock, reaching it at 14:04. There was a register on the summit in an old mayo jar, but because there still seemed to be the potential for lightning, we didn't take the time to look at it, and quickly headed back down.

Reaching Pierson Park Rd at the saddle again, we hiked the road back to our parking place, returning at 15:49.

GPS data
Place nameElev [ft]Accuracy [ft]Lat/Lon
Parking (Pierson Park Rd @ "road closed" sign)82831640.23460/105.49921
Point 10432104451640.26720/105.50449
Saddle btw Point 10432 & House Rock94045740.26573/105.49141
House Rock96542040.26504/105.48827

Point List
1Parking (~8500')40.2376/105.4955
2Knob 1 (9400')40.2563/105.4994
3Point 1043340.2634/105.5050
4Point 1043240.2677/105.5043
6Point 10904 (Park Bndry)40.2745/105.5112
7South Sister (11976')40.2823/105.5143
8House Rock (9532')40.2650/105.4878
9Saddle btw House Rock & ridge40.2665/105.4917

Topomap of the Point 10432 Area