Point 10810 from Rock Creek, 10/04/2008

Point 10583 from Point 10810 summit, 10/04/08

Point 10583 from Point 10810 summit, 10/04/08

Elevation versus distance, 10/04/08

Elevation versus distance, 10/04/08

Point 10810 is a child of St Vrain Mountain, lying 2.2 miles southeast of its parent, and 1.3 miles west of its sibling, Point 10583. It is not a part of Roach's Boulder County Peaks list but its lower sibling, Point 10583, is.

You can see the GPS tracks for this entire hike. There are some gaps, due to the GPS not tracking.

Parking off the Rock Creek 4WD Road, we started hiking up this dirt road at 9:38. At 10:30, after 2.1 miles, we turned left onto a ski trail marked with blue diamonds. Following this trail for about 0.9 miles, we reached the saddle between Point 10810 and Point 10583 at 11:02.

From the saddle, we departed from the ski trail and headed west (right) to Point 10810. After 1/2 mile of steep climbing, we reached the summit of Point 10810 at 11:30.

This summit is very nice, with a broad granite top, surrounded by short gnarly limber pines, and offering great views. Notable views are Saint Vrain Mountain to the northwest, Mount Audubon to the southwest, and Point 10583 to the east. There was no register on this summit, not even a cairn, so we made a small one.

From the summit, we headed west along the ridge to the saddle with St Vrain Mountain. This ridge is packed with limber pines, some of them very old, and we collected some pine nuts, as Stefan got his hands coated with the sticky sap. We reached the saddle with St Vrain Mtn at 13:00, with the odometer at 4.97 miles.

From the saddle, we descended southeast until getting to the 4WD road that comes up from Rock Creek. On the way down, we found an old cabin 0.1 mile below the saddle.

After enjoying lunch near Rock Creek, we returned along the 4WD road to our parking place at 14:54. The total distance was about 8.1 miles, and the total time was 5 hrs, 16 minutes.

The elevation difference from lowest (parking) to highest (Point 10810) was 2,129 feet. The elevation gain versus distance traveled is shown in the graph.

- Richard Hollos and Stefan Hollos

GPS data
Place nameElev [ft]Accuracy [ft]Lat/Lon
Parking off Rock Creek 4WD Road8729740.17207,-105.52776
Junction btw Rock Creek Rd and Ski Trail97812240.15906,-105.54961
Point 10810 - Point 10583 Saddle101672140.14968,-105.53889
Point 10810 summit108581440.15114,-105.54715
Point 10810 west saddle106682440.15231,-105.55965
Old cabin below west saddle106241640.15281,-105.55957
Returned to road104791640.15410,-105.55877