Meadow Mountain (11632') and Saint Vrain Mountain (12162') from St Vrain Mtn Trailhead, 06/09/2007

We started hiking from the Saint Vrain Mountain Trailhead near Allenspark at 10:07. Near the first switchback on the trail, we left the trail and headed northwest toward the summit of Meadow Mountain, getting there at 11:44.

There was still snow in patches, below treeline, but it wasn't too bad, most of it being hard enough to walk on. We met two people on the Meadow Mtn summit, and then headed south in the direction of the St Vrain Mtn Trail.

We reached the summit of Saint Vrain Mountain at 12:56. There was quite a bit of snow on the way up St Vrain Mtn, but again it wasn't problematic since we didn't sink in too often. It was very windy on the summit, and we were grateful for the rock windbreak someone had constructed.

There was no summit register on the St Vrain summit, and I was disappointed because I remembered one of my favorite register comments that I had read on this summit last year: "Ari and Hank (the dog). Left boyfriend for dead on the saddle."

Leaving the summit, we had an easy time of it sliding down the snow. For our return, we took the St Vrain Mtn Trail all the way back, getting back to the parking place at 16:10 with 8.6 miles on the odometer.

Elevation difference from lowest (St Vrain Mtn Trailhead) to highest (St Vrain Mtn summit) = 12201 - 9062 = 3139 feet.

GPS data
Place nameElev [ft]Accuracy [ft]Lat/Lon
Saint Vrain Mountain Trailhead90621940.17428/105.53334
Meadow Mountain Summit116811440.17526/105.57066
Saint Vrain Mountain Summit122011140.16126/105.58571
Saddle btw Meadow Mtn and Point 11478112061540.17015/105.57041

Topomap of the Saint Vrain Mtn/Meadow Mtn Area