Twin Sisters Peaks (both of them), 07/21/2007

Parking up the gravel road that starts behind the Lilly Lake Visitor Center near Estes Park, we started hiking at 9:18. We actually parked significantly below where the road ends due to all the cars already there. We reached the summit of the north Twin Sister at 10:54. Note that the summit of the north Twin Sister is actually east of the knob that everyone climbs, and also east of the radio transmitter hut.

From the north Twin Sister we headed south, and reached the summit of south Twin Sister at 11:37. While doing north Twin Sister is something of a metropolitan hike, due to all the hikers on the trail/summit, going to the south Twin Sister from the north, feels like an adventure hike. I have never met anyone on the south Twin Sister. You always have it to yourself. From the south Twin Sister, we made our way back to the north Twin Sister, going counterclockwise around the summit, and getting back to the trail. Got back to the parking place at 14:23.

GPS data
Place nameElev [ft]Accuracy [ft]Lat/Lon
Parking on gravel road behind Lilly Lake VC90971840.30408/105.53682
North Twin Sister Summit114353340.28850/105.51739
South Twin Sister Summit113962040.28244/105.51466
Saddle between sisters110461940.28498/105.51547

Topomap of the Twin Sisters Peaks Area