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Tesseract Projections

May 10, 2021   ―-  Archive

Macro and Micro Picture of the Day 2021-05-10
License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Here are four B4 Coxeter plane projections of a tesseract arranged in a square pattern. This image was created in the Nell SVG drawing language with the following lines of code (tesseract.nll):

a = pi/2;
b = pi/4;
SQ : M(l) T(b);
P1 : M(l/sqrt(2)) S(SQ,8) M(l+l*sqrt(2)) S(SQ,8);
START : [S(P1,1)] P(0,l+l*sqrt(2)) [S(P1,1)];

The command line that created the svg image is:
nell tesseract.nll START 3 | nellsvg 5 5 in 0.02 1 > tess.svg

Authors: Richard Hollos and Stefan Hollos